Pre-Marriage Instructions


Fr. Richard S. Jones, Director 

St. Joseph Parish offers a one day Marriage Preparation Course in conformity with the guidelines of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

The course includes presentations on: Facets of Intimacy, Communication, Time Management, Commitment, Family Life, Sacrament/Prayer, Music in your Liturgy, Family of Origin, Spirituality, Sexuality, Finances, Faith-based Marriage and Tools for the Journey of Marriage.

The class is offered three times per year on the last Saturday of  January, April and August. The class begins at 8:00 am and concludes at 4:00 pm, after which the participants receive the attendance certificate. The fee includes breakfast and buffet luncheon and all materials. Cost is $100/couple.


Site of St. Joseph Pre-Cana August 2013  A packed house! Mass

Frank Cremonese and Sara Wolowicz share thoughts on their Pre-Cana experience.

Bruno Sinopoli and Michela Caronna share thoughts on their Pre-Cana experience.

Patrick Biddle and Rachel Kurta share thoughts on their Pre-Cana experience.