Capital Campaign Payment information


The active part of St. Joseph Church’s Church Alive Capital Campaign has come to an end.  Now we need to address how to make the payments over five years.

In order to do this properly, please follow the instructions below:

  1.  As soon as the pledges are recorded which usually takes 2-3 weeks, reminders will be sent out from Letter Concepts, the company keeping records for the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
  2.  Letter Concepts will send you an envelope pre-addressed to Letter Concepts.  Your payment is mailed in this envelope. Unless you have made other arrangements, such as arranging for money to be directly debited your bank account, or using a stock option, this is the normal way your payments are made.
  3. NEVER send cash in the envelope. Also, please make checks payable to THE CHURCH ALIVE CAPITAL CAMPAIGN.  Do not make any check  out to St. Joseph Church.  If this happens, you will be asked to make out a second check with the proper title, THE CHURCH ALIVE CAPITALCAMPAIGN.

Please keep these steps handy for reference and contact the rectory if you have any other questions.  Remember, do not send your payments to the rectory.  Do not put your payments in the basket for weekly donations at Mass.

Here is one additional point of information.  If you are really anxious to make an early payment, you can make out the check properly and send it to:

Parish Campaign Director

 Our Campaign For The Church Alive!

340 Mansfield Avenue, First Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15220