Safe Environment Overview

The Safe Environment Policy was created to take reasonable measures to assure that Church/School personnel who have regular contact with minors are committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth, are capable of identifying and preventing abuse of children, and have no personal history of behavior that would be a threat to children.

This applies to all Church/School personnel who have regular contact with minors. Church/School personnel is defined as all adult persons (those 18 years of age or older), whether clergy, members of consecrated life, or laity, who, as employees or volunteers, act in the name of the Church/School under the auspices of the Diocese of Pittsburgh or one of its parishes.

Safe Environment Requirements

The Diocese of Pittsburgh requires that all volunteers in ministry with children comply with the Safe Environment Policy which includes the following components:

  1. Diocesan Database and National Criminal Record check
  2. PA Criminal Record Check (completed with step one)
  3. PA Child Abuse History
  4. Protecting God’s Children Workshop
  5. Pastoral Code of Conduct (completed with step one)
  6. Child Protective Services Law Acknowledgement (completed with step one)

Background Checks by Ministry

The Diocese of Pittsburgh has mandated the following list of ministries is required to comply with the Safe Environment Policy.

  1. Altar Server – Adult
  2. Athletic Coach/Volunteer/Trainer
  3. Bereavement Team Coordinator/Volunteer
  4. Bus Driver
  5. Business Manager/Bookkeeper
  6. Cafeteria Worker
  7. Campus Minister
  8. Cantor
  9. Catechetical Administrator/Catechist/Catechist Aide/Catechumenate Director
  10. Catholic Committee on Scouting Leader/Volunteer
  11. Chaperone
  12. Child Care Giver (e.g. Cry room, pre/after school program, babysitter, etc.)
  13. Choir Director – Vocal/Bell/Choir Member-Vocal/Bell
  14. Coordinator of Evangelization
  15. Coordinator of Liturgy
  16. Deacon-Permanent/Transitional
  17. Diocesan Priest Incardinated in the Diocese and on Assignment or Retired within the Diocese
  18. Diocesan Priest Not Incardinated in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, on Assignment or in Residence in the Diocese
  19. Diocesan Staff Member whose duties require regular contact with minors
  20. Director of Music Ministry
  21. Elderly Outreach Coordinator/Volunteer
  22. Elementary School Principal/Teacher/Teacher Aide
  23. Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
  24. Family Life Minister/Volunteer
  25. Fundraising Worker/Volunteer (e.g. bingo, festival, fish fry, etc.) whose duties require regular contact with minors
  26. Housekeeper/Cook
  27. Janitor/Maintenance Workers
  28. Lector/Reader
  29. Liturgical Art and Environment Coordinator/Volunteer
  30. Organist/Instrumentalist
  31. Parish Advocate – Persons with Disabilities
  32. Parish Advocate – Tribunal
  33. Parish Life Coordinator
  34. Parish Nurse
  35. Parish Social Minister
  36. Parish Wedding Coordinator
  37. Pastoral Associate/Minister
  38. Pastoral Health Care Minister
  39. Playground Monitor
  40. Refugee Sponsorship Coordinator/Volunteer
  41. Religious Order Priest on Assignment in the Diocese
  42. Respect Life Coordinator/Legislative Advocate
  43. Sacristan
  44. Secretary-Parish/Religious Education/School/Youth Ministry
  45. Seminarian
  46. Trainer-Youth Altar Servers and/or Lectors
  47. Usher/Greeter/Minister of Hospitality
  48. Youth Minister
  49. Youth Ministry Volunteer